TVHeadend does not work anymore from 8.2.3

  • Hello,

    Please excuse my english, I am a frenchy

    So I have searched a lot on internet, google, tvheadend, on this forum too... And I have no answer.

    I have got a trouble since Libreelec 8.2.3 : I loose audio and my system freezes when I use Tvheadend and I do not know what could I do to repair it.

    So, here is my journey into Tvheadend.

    At the beginning, I mean TVHE 4.2.1 and LE 8.2.1, everything was fine. I could record, watched, programmed, EPG... No trouble.

    And suddenly, around LE 8.2.3, TVHE frozen (right ? FROZEN ?) and sound would be lost. When I say lost, it is for all of Kodi, like sound server would be shutdown. When I reboot everything worked again.

    And from now, when I use TVHE it is allways the same trouble.

    Right now I had :

    changed TVHE ( actually 4.2.5 (?) ) and LE 8.2.5

    tried another OS like OSMC, it was similar

    changed TVHE in 4.2.1, no change

    read that it would a "bug" in EPG wich used too many RAM and the server could not show channels AND collect EPG. But I had not change the config, I think that it would be configured to work fine by default ("par défaut" in french, when you do not change the options)

    Have you got the same trouble, have you got an idea to repair it ?

    To be complete, I can use TV but only record. I can record, watch a movie on my HDD, and watch the record after. But Live tv freezes.

    And at least, records are "stranges". At the beginning, they were okay with no change. Right now, codecs (remember I have change anything) does not seem to be playable, I should play it on my laptop with VLC, connected by HDMI... Not with Kodi wich freezes and cannot read the audio stream, or sometimes it ... makes some ... strange noises when it plays a record.

    Okay, that is all.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

    Have a nice day.

  • Hello, I'm french too !

    I've no problem at all with tvhe with wetek play 2 with DVB-T tuner.

    But I think that nobody can help you if you dont provide your logs and dont explain your config.

    It could be a bad signal or a hardware problem for exemple ...

  • a "bug" in EPG wich used too many RAM and the server could not show channels AND collect EPG

    I am not aware of anything like that, maybe some "old" bug ?!

    I guess some kodi log would be helpful (when the freeze happens) also an service.log from the tvheadend folder might shed some light to the problem.