v7.95.2 - old Estuary skin (problem with YouTube addon)

  • I'm wonder how it comes that v7.95.2 still contains old Estuary skin 1.9.9, whereas Kodi Krypton 17.0 final already contains Estuary 1.9.10?

    Let's see:
    Kodi commit which is built:

    1. PKG_VERSION="a10c504"

    Estuary version in this Kodi commit:


    <addon id="skin.estuary" version="1.9.10" name="Estuary" provider-name="phil65, Ichabod Fletchman">

    Actual Estuary version in LE v7.95.2:


    kitchen:~ # head /usr/share/kodi/addons/skin.estuary/addon.xml
    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <addon id="skin.estuary" version="1.9.9" name="Estuary" provider-name="phil65, Ichabod Fletchman">

    I don't see anywhere how it could happen.

    In the result, YouTube addon (and maybe others) has problem with this old Estuary skin:
    "Watched" marks do not seen

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  • Did you compile this yourself ?

    On my build it's ok :

    1. [email protected]:~/ozLE$ head build.LibreELEC-Generic.x86_64-7.95.2/image/system/usr/share/kodi/addons/skin.estuary/addon.xml
    2. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    3. <addon id="skin.estuary" version="1.9.10" name="Estuary" provider-name="phil65, Ichabod Fletchman">
  • Quote from bam

    Hi, could somebody clarify to me the situation with old Estuary skin, or confirm this is a bug here?
    Maybe I just don't catch some aspects of firmware build..
    Please, see here: thread-4567.html

    I just deleted the new topic you created, which was uncalled for as this topic here is not even 24 hours old.

    We did notice this topic but are not magicians, nor are we online 24/7. So a bit more patience would be nice.

  • Klojum Oh, sorry for that. I just searching where is my topic gone.. :) My another message here was also left unanswered from devs, so I just begun to doubt if it seen at all

    ozolli No, it was upgrade to the next official new build. Did you compile your build yourself?

    just checked - official new build indeed includes old Estuary skin 1.9.9

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  • Yes. In fact it's a build with an old nvidia driver for some people needing it.

    Which old Nvidia drivers are those? LibreELEC already packs both legacy and new Nvidia drivers.
    Sometimes the legacy drivers needs to be forced as the new drivers has a problem with the suspend modus because of a driver bug.

  • Sorry guys, lets back to the topic, if you don't mind. I suppose Nvidia unrelated here.
    What happened is looks like dirty build of the LE release. Could that happen? I have no more explanation of this. Have you?

  • 7.95.3 is in the making in the coming days, hold on to your hat a little longer.

  • Thanks a lot! :)
    But, I have to say, it worth to find out how this dirty build could ever occurred at all. Because it can return in the future, in unexpected place, and stay unnoticed. And as such it is Very Bad Thing

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