Turn off LED lights Rasp Pi 3

  • Is there a script that can turn off the 2 LED lights on the front of the Rasp Pi 3? I find them very bright and distracting as the Pi sits under my TV. I'm running LibreELEC (Krypton) v7.95.2 BETA

    Thank you.

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  • According to the RaspberryPi forums:

    echo 0 >/sys/class/leds/led0/brightness #Turn on
    echo 0 >/sys/class/leds/led1/brightness #Turn off
    led0 = green one
    led1 = red one

    Put the echo lines in .config/autostart.sh and "It should work!" (tm)

    Other than that, there is nothing that a roll of duct tape cannot fix.

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  • Regarding the power LED on the Pi 3, it cannot be switched off... See here :

    Missign control for RED "Power LED" · Issue #1332 · raspberrypi/linux · GitHub

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