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    I've had nothing but trouble with wireguard. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. It's a coin toss. Sometimes rebooting brings it back. Totally frustrating buggy experience. Now, after the update to 9.2.3, no change in the spottiness of wireguard connecting. However, a serious issue has arisen which others in this community need to be aware of. The dns is leaking. I use an add-on called dnsleaktest. I run it after booting to check on the IP to ensure wireguard IP is showing and also checking for possible DNS leaks. Well, after upgrading to 9.2.3, I run dnsleaktest addon and it shows the wireguard IP, but my ISP IP for DNS. It then says, Conclusion, DNS may be leaking. Hell yes it is. Wow, that's scary. Had I not run this addon, I would have no idea of this serious DNS leak and exposing my ISP IP.

    I double checked my .config file and WireGuard.DNS =

    This is obviously a serious issue. It appears it's ignoring this line and using ISP IP. I urge others using wireguard to download the dnsleaktest addon and run it to check the IP and DNS IP for leaks.

    The dnsleaktest addon is an official kodi addon.

    Add-on:DNS Leak-Test - Official Kodi Wiki

    I also hope this bug can be isolated and resolved. In the meantime, I'm no longer using wireguard with libreelec until this issue is resolved.

    Regarding the power LED on the Pi 3, it cannot be switched off... See here :

    Missign control for RED "Power LED" · Issue #1332 · raspberrypi/linux · GitHub

    Is there a script that can turn off the 2 LED lights on the front of the Rasp Pi 3? I find them very bright and distracting as the Pi sits under my TV. I'm running LibreELEC (Krypton) v7.95.2 BETA

    Thank you.