Multiple Keyboard Layout in PI version

  • In the PC version LibreElec i can setup two keyboard layouts as shown in Wiki File:LE-settings-system.png - LibreELEC

    In the Pi version LibreElec i can choice of only one language.
    Can I somehow configure Pi version of LibreElec so that the language setting were similar to the PC version, and using the physical keyboard to choose two languages?

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  • AFAIK You can only use US/UK layout for external keyboards.
    Onscreen keyboards are part of Kodi (not LE) and should work the same regardless HW platform.

    Yes, in PI version only US keyboard. In PC version I have multiple Layout (for ex: US + RU).
    Is one language restriction PI platform? or have options like this change?

  • невозможно :(

    Xorg (in Generic build) allows multiple keyboards, but RPi (no Xorg) allows only one.