• Hi,
    Openelec was freezing with no reason (not more than 4 hours before freeze) so I try LibreElec and for the last hours is working fine.

    The thing is... ¿Can I install rTorrent on LibreELEC?


  • There are no official plans for an rTorrent addon, but you should be able to install Docker and find a docker container for rTorrent.

    Not many people are using LE on imx6 kit, but there are some.

  • Same here, running LE on my CuBox but without rtorrent

    DVBSky S960 / Montage M88DS3103
    Western Digital Elements 3TB USB HDD
    Optoma HD131Xe Projector
    Teufel Concept E 400 Digital "5.1-Set"