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    This is something I also realized recently. Sometimes this happens, sometimes not.
    Rebooting 2 or 3 times *could* make the picture visible.

    This issue seems to be a bit different to the "no signal" issue with 4.4 kernel. With 4.4 kernel on my hardware it shows the message "no signal", with 4.8 it displays the correct resolution instead. But sometimes it just shows a black screen. When I start a movie it shows up, just the menu is missing. When the movie is finished again there is only a black screen.

    I don't experience these freezes. I am running 4.8 version, maybe you could try that one?
    About the last video screen with the screensaver: this can be seen with 3.14 as well as 4.8. This behaviour started some month ago, I didn't figure out what changes introduced this, but I think this is more likely a Kodi issue than a LE issue.

    There was requests for newer kernel to have overlay support for running docker. But atm don't really know if anyone actually uses this.
    Fyi: openelec is using 4.8 already. I already have it used but not much. Maybe some issues are fixed there... Any volunteer for testing around?

    I am running 4.8 for some weeks now (thanks vpeter, btw: did you already build a verision with final kodi krypton?).

    I did not have any unexpected reboots until now and there is no sound issue, sound is working directly after boot.
    One thing I noticed is my DVB-S card doesn't respond any more when running ~2 days. After reboot it is ok again. Nothing to find about the reasons for this in any of the logs, neither in the kodi logs nor in the kernel logs.

    just for your information: mine is doing this every 17 minutes, which seems ok to me ;)

    Jan 05 18:07:24 LibreELEC connmand[286]: ntp: time slew +0.077293 s
    Jan 05 18:24:28 LibreELEC connmand[286]: ntp: time slew +0.073507 s
    Jan 05 18:41:32 LibreELEC connmand[286]: ntp: time slew +0.073023 s
    Jan 05 18:58:36 LibreELEC connmand[286]: ntp: time slew +0.054811 s
    Jan 05 19:15:40 LibreELEC connmand[286]: ntp: time slew +0.107906 s
    Jan 05 19:32:44 LibreELEC connmand[286]: ntp: time slew +0.070018 s
    Jan 05 19:49:48 LibreELEC connmand[286]: ntp: time slew +0.082021 s

    Thanks a lot vpeter.

    7.90.004: affected by this issue
    7.90.003: playing smooth

    Right now I am building a version based on 7.90.004 but removed this huge patch. I will provide feedback as soon as I have it running.

    From what I saw these patches got mostly sent upstream. This would explain why current builds are also affected even though you removed that patch from LE.
    Update: 7.90.004 doesn't build without those patches...

    I use custom builds (just a little change regarding CEC), so I cannot answer your first question directly. I will check with which of your releases this started.

    Up to now I recognized this with livestream using vdr.vnsi and also with the SkyGo video plugin (which is also livestream).
    It feels like the issue is bigger when the resolution is higher.
    When playing local files from HDD I didn't recognize that issue, but this might be because I don't have so much HD content. I will check this further.

    I am aware that imx has a few developers only but maybe there is a chance to get this issue fixed.
    vpeter: do you have a build 7.90.004 with 3.14 kernel somewhere?
    The oldest of your builds I could find is 7.90.005.
    7.90.005 already has this issue. This one is with Kodi Krypton Beta 1 (git hash 81d5d26) which was released shortly after mk01 reworked the imx codec. I would like to compare with 7.90.004 but I didn't build it by myself.

    I already tried to talk about this issue with mk01 on github, but did not get an answer.

    Between Kodi Alpha 2 and Beta 5 (I know there are a lot of releases between them) something happened to HD playback on imx.
    mk01 made a rework of that imx codec in the meantime. Maybe this could be the reason for the issue I experience.

    Whenever I watch a HD livestrem (vdr.vnsi) after seconds or sometimes a few minutes the stream begins to stutter. It looks like the output drops to ~10fps, even though the first seconds were perfectly fine. Audio is playing correctly the whole time.
    In Alpha 2 this issue didn't exist.

    You can see this in my kodi.log
    The problem starts where the lines

    OutputPicture - dropped in output
    CVideoPlayerVideo::CalcDropRequirement - hurry: 1

    can be seen.

    This also sometimes happens to SD streams, but a lot later (at least 30 minutes watching).

    I am running kodi with LE on the 3.14 SolidRun kernel.

    Any ideas?

    Firmware is the same 3.B
    But mine shows a valid MAC address...

    To be honest I don't have an idea what might cause this issue, just wanted to share what helped me.
    Anyone else here who can help?

    I had exactly the same messages when using the S960 over an USB hub on my CuBox-I.
    Directly attached (e.g. without the hub) the messages disappeared and everything was working as expected.

    How is your setup? If you also have an USB hub maybe this could be worth a try.

    You have to try by yourself if the latest alpha works for you. Nobody can tell. It seems to depend on your hardware setup, especially the attached TV.
    The latest alpha is build with the 4.4 kernel from xbian project. For some reason there are users (including me) who get "no signal" on TV.
    Those user should use the image with the older 3.14 kernel from SolidRun, this is the one from vpeters post here. But this kernel is a bit outdated and obviously has CEC issues.

    So best is to try the 4.4 kernel first and if it works everything's fine, otherwise you could try the alternative image.

    Ah, it's an image file - I don't have a spare SD card and I boot from the internal ROM. Afraid I can't test it for you.

    My dmesg is already posted above. However, I have problems with the two commands you suggest:

    Matrix2:~ # echo "V:1152x864p-75" > /sys/class/graphics/mode
    -sh: can't create /sys/class/graphics/mode: Permission denied
    Matrix2:~ # cat /sys/class/graphics/fb0/modes
    cat: can't open '/sys/class/graphics/fb0/modes': No such file or directory

    From your dmesg output I can see you are using a "TBS2910 Matrix ARM mini PC" with Linux kernel 4.4.8+rt13.
    Did you install generic image?
    For me it looks like it doesn't initialize the framebuffer (fb0) device. Therefore these commands don't work.

    Maybe this version will fix some issues.

    Sadly for me this image does not fix the "no signal" bug...

    dmesg: UcSe
    kodi.log: SiUb

    And still when changing resolution on commandline to "V:1152x864p-75" my projector reports 1156x864


    When using LE master on my Cubox-I2ex with the old SR kernel (3.14.60) there is no possibility to use passthrough audio over SPDIF any longer. Don't know if this works with the newer xbian kernel.
    I can activate passthrough in the audio settings in Kodi but the selection for the passthrough device is greyed out while the HDMI device is selected.

    From the kodi logs I saw the following:

    18:34:09 T:3033317952  NOTICE:     Device 1
    18:34:09 T:3033317952  NOTICE:         m_deviceName      : @
    18:34:09 T:3033317952  NOTICE:         m_displayName     : Default (Integrated SPDIF Analog)
    18:34:09 T:3033317952  NOTICE:         m_displayNameExtra:
    18:34:09 T:3033317952  NOTICE:         m_deviceType      : AE_DEVTYPE_PCM
    18:34:09 T:3033317952  NOTICE:         m_channels        : FL,FR
    18:34:09 T:3033317952  NOTICE:         m_sampleRates     : 32000,44100,48000,88200,96000,176400,192000
    18:34:09 T:3033317952  NOTICE:         m_dataFormats     : AE_FMT_S24NE4,AE_FMT_S16NE,AE_FMT_S16LE
    18:34:09 T:3033317952  NOTICE:         m_streamTypes     : [color=#FF0000]No passthrough capabilities[/color]

    A quick google search showed me the following thread from geexbox project. Seems like they had a similar issue. But I don't know how to test or implement something similar in LE project. Maybe someone could help?
    kodi misses spdif in audio passthrough on cubox i4 – GeeXboX

    If you need some more logs or output of some commands please let me know.

    Thanks in advance