Update 7.0.3 > 7.90.010 stuck on migrating add-ons (now OK)

  • Hi,
    just wanna report this:

    Using a Raspi V3.

    First i backed up all my settings.
    Then i updated to 7.03 with the great new option to choose the update channel.
    Next, i choosed to update to 7.90.010 to get all the great new stuff.
    Worked well and without problems, updated the basics, then migrated the database, then the splash screen came to "migrating add-ons" - all in just a few minutes.
    There was the first issue, it did hang there for about an hour.

    I did choose to restart the device, since i had a backup.

    After the restart all looks fine, everything seems to work.

    Is this worth further investigation?
    Will logs help, if yes, how can i provide them?

    Greetings, happy new year!