"Adjust display refresh rate to match video" HDMI handshake issues

  • Hi guys,

    I have an Asus Chromebox running LE v7.90.010 ALPHA, and I'm noticing HDMI handshake issues when enabling the setting for "Adjust display refresh rate to match video". I have the Kodi interface set for 60 fps, and my TV refresh rate can adjust to play 24 fps content without issues. However, when I press Stop and the interface tries to reset back to 60 fps, that's when I notice HDMI handshake issues. My screen goes black, then blue, then some snow, then the Kodi interface flashes briefly. The only fix for this is to set my unit to standby and then wake up from standby, or I unplug the HDMI cable and plug it back in.

    If I set the Kodi interface to 30 fps, then I can play 24 fps content without issue, and also return to the Kodi interface without issue. However if I try to play a 29.97 fps video file, I get just a black screen until I press stop!

    My final resolution is to disable "Adjust display refresh rate to match video", and leave the Kodi interface at 60 fps. It's just that I did not have this issue with earlier LE v7.90 ALPHA builds, and I never had problems with this setting on OE running Kodi 16. My TV is a 2014 Samsung 1080p HDTV, and I have an Onkyo receiver.

    I noticed another user with the exact same problem posted in the Kodi forum, but they referred him/her to the LE forum.
    Glitches with "Adjust display refresh rate to match video"

    Is this a known issue? What additional info do you guys need to help troublesheet this? Thanks!

  • Exact Same problem here. I've got 5 Asus Chromeboxes all running on LE v7.90.010 and I see the issue on the single box that is connected to an AVR. It's a Denon AVR and Panasonic 4k tv.
    Also, I didn't have these issues in previous versions of LE.