Very slow download speed

  • Hi, I am switching my old stable Kodi 14.2 OpenELEC NUC boxes to current LibreELEC versions.

    Using the USB creator on Win10, I selected generic and the 7.0.2 image, I clicked download, nothing seemed to happen, the cancel button was on, after about 15s the speed was reported as 461s left.
    I started a direct download of the same image using Chrome, that completed in 14s, and I cancelled the download via the USB tool.

    I repeated the operations twice, first time I cancelled after about 30s of no activity, second time it took about a minute to start the download, then the download completed fast.

    There appears to be a problem with the tool's image download performance, at least the time it takes to start the download.

  • I'm sure it works fine most of the time, else it would not be released ;)

    This is a vanilla Win10 Pro x64 Insider Fast ring, with no 3rd party AV installed.
    And it repeatedly takes near a minute to get the download going, once it goes it is fast.

    Is there a way to get a log file created by the tool, or should I look at the source code?

  • Ok, looks like the directory open and initial file create takes a very long time.
    Changing to a different directory, no problem.
    Cleaning out my download folder, and trying again, no problem.
    I suspect it had something to do with the OS and the directory contents.