How to install MySQL server ?

  • Hi,
    I'm a Raspberry Pi and OSMC user and I would like to try LibreELEC to replace it. I use MySQL server on my OSMC / RPi and I would like to do the same thing with LibreELEC.
    Is it possible ? How can I do that ?
    Thank you !

  • If you want the RPi to be a server, you better stay at OSMC. LibreELEC has no apt-get, because it's a read-only system like OpenELEC is. So instaling additional software (beside addons and probably docker...the letter is a WIP) is a bit difficult.

    Beside the case you compile from source and know how to add specific packages, you should stay with the distro you use already and probably use LibreELEC as another client probably ;)

  • Ok thank you, I'll look to install MySQL server on a server and use LibreELEC as client. Or perhaps I'll stop to use MySQL server :)

  • You can install Ubuntu 16 then install LAMP. follow this instruction here :

    *MOD EDIT*

    Stop promoting your website. LibreELEC != Ubuntu.

    Easy to Install LAMP on Ubuntu 16.4 !