Can't submit post for posting

  • Hey guys,
    I'm finding on a lot of posts when click "post reply" I get a :This site can’t be reachedThe connection was reset.Try:


    then i click refresh, then I get:

    LibreELECCan not upload file - Too large for php post_max_size directive. Please press the back button.

    The post I was posting didn't have any attachments, only just past post quotes.


    It's working now, but hadn't been for a number of hours.
    maybe it was my connection, but all other webpages would load... hmm

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  • It's happening again.
    Posting can't occur, but reading different threads does work.

    edit: I've just been able to post this: LibreELEC
    It was fixed by going incognito.


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    • [url=data:text/html,chromewebdata#buttons]Checking the proxy and the firewall[/url]

    The "data:text/html,chromewebdata" URL value (called kUnreachableWebDataURL in Chromium) is loaded whenever a URL fails to load in a frame (for example, via RenderFrameImpl::didFailProvisionalLoad and LoadNavigationErrorPage). The issue you explained is kind of a bug where Android WebView built on chromium fails to loads the page in question due unmapped ssl error.