Change external keyboard Layout

  • Hello,

    i have a odroid C2 with LE 7.1.1 running and would like to use my german external keyboard. I tried changing keyboard layout to "German QWERTZ", but it only changes the on screen keys, i have set language to german, tried "Central Europe (Windows)" on character set, nothing seems to work. The external keyboard still acts like a english qwerty keyboard. How do i set it properly?

    Additionally i would like to my android MXQ Pro remote to work with odroid C2, is this possible? I have a remote.conf from android. Can i use it? Do i have to edit it? Where do i have to put it in?

    Thx for help.

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  • Thank you, this fixes it partially "Z" is now "Z" instead of "Y", but ÖÄÜ etc. are missing and symbols are not correct. Any idea?

    I have this issue to. I set up a RPi3 and I checked every setting concerning languages and keyboard several times. The umlauts on the keyboard are in the standard (us) order.
    I'm also looking for a solution.

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