RPi2: some boxes after reset have a June 2016 date

  • I have a number of RPi2 boxes upgraded from OE 6.0.3 to LE 7.0.2.

    Some of them and not all of the time, after reboot are initialized with a date on June 2016! My NTP servers are gr.pool.ntp.org, 1.gr.pool.ntp.org and 2.gr.pool.ntp.org

    I've made some ntpdate -q queries on them, but all report the current time/date. I don't know what to make of this issue, I'll try to get debug logs and attach them here.

    This is an intermittent problem, so it might be a while till I upload these logs here. In the meantime, if someone has experience anything of the like, please feel free to share.

  • AFAIK I have not changed anything from the OE defaults when I upgraded to LE. I will check and report back.

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    I would try setting the primary NTP server to 0.pool.ntp.org as localised NTP servers make no difference with today's hi-speed internet. (See if that helps) - otherwise log files will be needed.

    Even if the network doesn't respond at boot, LE will eventually get the correct time.

    As lrusak mentioned the most likely cause is incorrect time settings in Kodi