Black Screen on boot v7.90.009 v7.90.008

  • Issue: Black screen on boot with only cursor visible (apparently KODI is not booting).
    LibreELEC versions: v7.90.009 and v7.90.008
    Hardware: Asrock BeeBox 3150

    I've been running the Milhouse test builds from the with good results, updating and testing approximately once a month.

    I first noticed the above issue with Milhouse's final KODI 17.0 Krypton build #1129.

    I then tested with official alphas v7.90.009 and v7.90.008 and encountered the same issue.

    The most recent previous build I had tested successfully was Milhouse #1025. I have since retested with Milhouse versions # 0815, # 0920, & #1025, all without this problem.

    I am unaware how to capture a debug log when the problem occurs, since KODI is not booting.

    Attached is dmesg output captured from Milhouse # 0920.

    NOTE: When changing versions after the problem occurs I am repairing my original openelec install via the openelec installation flash drive and then updating using the LibreELEC .tar.

    Thanks for your attention and efforts on LibreELEC!

  • Thanks for the quick responses everybody. Executed both of milhouse's rms. Copied v7.90.009 tar to storage/update. Rebooted. All good now!