Best Remote and Skin for End Users

  • Hello, I recently configured a pi for an employee breakroom and I was able to lock down the Kodi UI almost as much as I wanted to and the Samsung remote that came with the TV is working with CEC almost 100% (the channel up/down does not work, the up/down arrows do this instead). This is fine for where the TV is going.

    Now I am tasked with preparing a pi for an area with senior citizens who are also invalids. So, I need the remote and Kodi UI very very easy to use and paired-down so to speak. I need the channel up/down to work. I don't want extraneous PVR things like Recordings and Timers and such. I just want the Guide and Channels.

    The last one we set up as IPTV Simple Client, because it is an IPTV feed. Do you have any suggestions to help me make the next one even more user friendly?

    To summarize, I need:
    1. A usb-dongle remote that works out of the box and is easy for users to use (especially channel up/down buttons)
    2. A very simple UI with only guide and channels

  • Kodi suffers the problem of being "swiss army-knife" software so it has a ton of features and most skins are focussed on exposing those features with a pile of fancy graphics. Last time I looked, there wasn't a "simple" skin to choose from.