LE13 Nightly on RPI 4B - Kodi crashing

  • Firstly observed on latest LE12 Nightly versions, after upgrade to LE13 the issue is still there. Ocassional Kodi crashes when watching LiveTV using Tvheadend42 & DVB-T2 USB key. The crash usually happen sometimes, as soon as I go to TV/Channels/All channels menu or open the TV Guide (TV/Guide/All channels menu).

    Hopefully you can find the details in the logs:





  • The crashes are in python, so it's an addon:

    #0  0x0000007f8711918c in ?? () from /usr/lib/libpython3.11.so.1.0

    The last line in the log is usually:

    2024-05-15 05:26:12.617 T:1766546    info <general>: WEATHER: Downloading weather

    so I'd start with disabling the weather addon.

  • Thanks a lot for the feedback, tried to apply your advice and so far it works - no crash in last couple hours while using Kodi as described above.

  • Reenabled the Weather add-on to confirm the issue reason but the Kodi crash did not happen anymore (on the same LE Nightly version as recorded in the latest log above... :)

    Now I plan to upgrade to LibreELEC-RPi4.aarch64-13.0-nightly-20240517-8f6f9a1 with the Weather add-on enabled and I'll see...

    Edit - after upgrade the issue reappeared... :) So I am disabling the Weather add-on (Gismeteo vl.maksime - 0.6.4+matrix.1) again...

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  • One of my Pi4's is running LibreELEC-RPi4.aarch64-13.0-nightly-20240516-8f6f9a1 (same buildnumber as 20240517) and Gismeteo without any problems.