Long Press on TV Remote not bringing up RightClick?

  • Hello ,

    i have sort of question / request (if not already implemented)

    when using LibreElec now it would function also with the normal TV Remote which is a very nice feature, thank you very much for that.

    Now there are some situation were i still would need the keyboard;

    there are some files, which i would play after bringing up "Play" Command via RightClick or longPress of Enter on Keyboard.

    this would be needed for .iso files or .dvdmedia.

    now , with the remote this seem not function;

    when i "longpress" Enter on REmote, it would just go through the file structure,

    maybe this is just a limitation of that specific remote, if not, please take it into account.

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  • There is an addon where you can define your TV remote buttons, forgot the name.

    I made the file gen.xml in the keymaps folder and used the red button for the context menu, yellow as home and blue for queue.

    <key id="251">contextmenu</key>
    <key id="253">activatewindow(home)</key>
    <key id="254">activatewindow(videoplaylist)</key>

  • insulator thank you,

    my remote also has red, yellow, blue buttons, but those seem not active under libreelec , even after i install add-on (maybe this is the one you are referring to?)

    Add-on:Keymap Editor - Official Kodi Wiki

    and putting the keymap you shared as gen.xml into


    Keymap - Official Kodi Wiki

    maybe for the remote another key-id is needed, but how could i read the proper id out, if the remote is just a tv remote with no usb dongle?

    the tv is a low-end sharp ().

  • gen.xml must be copied to userdata/keymaps folder, but probably your remote control needs different codes?

    yes, it was this addon, but it is not easy to understand how it works, when I remember correctly.

    Try to find contextmenu in the addon somewhere, than you have to press the button on the remote and save the settings.