[ABANDONED] LAMP addon - Linux, Apache, MySQL PHP bundle

  • You could write how to reproduce this issue.

    1. wget https://github.com/phoronix-test-suite/phoronix-test-suite/archive/master.zip
    2. unzip master.zip
    3. cd phoronix-test-suite-master
    4. ./phoronix-test-suite
  • Do you really think I will study what to do with that? No way!

    Done giving support here because of last events.

  • Owncloud and nextcloud have a lot of dependencies and are not well suited to run on a minimal distro without a package manager like libreelec.

    However, if you want to run nextcloud in docker, there is an addon for it in the linuxserver repo in libreelec

  • Hi All, I am using the LAMP in Libreelec. Is here any possibility to update to PHP7? I can make it myself but I am beginner here. Is here any 'tutorial' how to build PHP7 for libreelec? Thank you!

  • any possibility to update to PHP7

    Sure, you just need to update version for php and maybe few other small things.

    Done giving support here because of last events.

  • And could you please help me a little bit? Where I can download the latest PHP for RPi? Is enough to copy it to libreelec, ...?