Building LE: "FAILURE: scripts/build openssl:host during configure_host ("

  • sorry if this is a stupid/obvious mistake. I am following the build-basics steps in the wiki exactly, except i replaced "PROJECT=Generic ARCH=x86_64" with "PROJECT=Allwinner ARCH=aarch64 DEVICE=H6" (target is an OrangePi 3 Lts).

    eventually got this error:

    The .threads\logs\22.log didnt seem to have any additional info.

    what did i do wrong?

  • It was on an i5 PC with an oldish version (v11) of Debian.

    I am currently trying it again on a different i5 with a fresh install of Ubuntu-22.04.3. Will update this thread as soon as it fails or succeeds. THanks.

    UPDATED: Using Ubuntu-22.04.3 it worked fine! Thank you!

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