65" 4K TV with good upscaling recommendations for Libreelec and an older video collection

  • We have had multiple Libreelec devices over the past few years and it is our go to source, we are using an OTA antenna and HDhomerun for live TV. However, our old 58" 1080P Samsung plasma tv may need replacing in the near future. I am looking for a 65" 4K tv that is good at upscaling. My idea is to keep using Libreelec as we are now, and let the tv take care of the upscaling the 1080p output to 4k.

    Eventually we may buy 4k movies but for now we have too many (several thousand) low quality videos that can not be replaced. Our current Libreelec/1080p setup allows us to watch 40+ year old Super 8 videos that were recorded to VHS, then digital mkv/mp4 files. No they are not quality videos but we can still watch them for the memories. Older dvds converted to mkv actually do not look too bad, but we do sit more than 8 feet from the tv. We have are some Bluray movies copied using makemkv but the only 4k we have are videos my wife made with her Panasonic HC-WXF991 camera, btw; they play ok (1080p output) using Libreelec.

    I am hoping I can get some T V recommendations from Libreelec users that may have some low quality videos they still watch.

    thanks in advance


  • You're over-thinking the problem. Just buy the 65"+ 4K TV that makes sense for your future 4K viewing needs and budget. In 99% of 4K setups Kodi is still running the GUI at 1080p and only switches to 4K when playing 4K media so it's basically the same experience you have today except for the minor size difference between a 58" and 65" panel. The TV will still handle upscaling from 1080p to the true native 4K resolution of the panel, but it's still basically playing the same SD media at the same 1080p. In theory the 1080p pixel blocks render bigger on a 65" vs 58" so it should look worse, but since colour technology advanced by a mile since ye olden days of Plasma screens so you won't notice that; you'll only notice the colours are wildly better.