Newbie - Best Libre project board for 4K HDR and Audio Passthrough

  • Hi All,

    Can you guys please suggest me a good libre project for my use case.

    My main usage is playing 4K HDR blu ray rips that allows Audio passthrough. I should be able to passthrough Dolby Tru HD and Dolby Atmos.

    Is it possible with Libre Elec? I started searching for boards available and found following options.

    1. Libre Computer Board ROC-RK3328-CC

    2. Libre Computer Board AML-S905X-CC (Le Potato)

    Which one is better from these two? I am more inclined towards Rockchip as its better on paper. Any other option you guys suggest?

    Also for Rockchip should I get 2 GB version or 4 GB version?



  • afaik audio passthrough has been working on all builds for a while now.

    as for choice of board the Raspberry Pi4 is likely to have the best overall community support and quality.

    but imho the Orange Pi 3 LTS is much cheaper and will provide the same performance as any of those boards. but then again I'm biased because i have several OP3s, and the more other people I can convince to buy them the more likely it will receive long term libreelec support 8)