Problem booting RPi4

  • RPi4, 128GB MicroSD card, 6TB USB powered drive, LE 11 nightly 20230416, latest firmware patches

    I have added



    to config.txt which seems to have stopped video playback freezing at odd intervals.

    When the Pi & the HDD have been powered down when I turn things on again I turn the HDD on first then the Pi. The Pi puts up the message showing the nightly in use and that's it. I have to turn the Pi off and on again for it to boot correctly.

  • Strange, i dont have any problems at all with my Pi 4's, one with 2x4TB, one with 2x2x6TB & one with atm 8x4TB, all 3 boots from ssd. One running LE11 nightly (latest) and 2 with LE12 aarch64 (latest).

  • I'm beginning to think either I'm a jinx or my RPi4 is duff. Whilst I have s/w to test Windows h/w & s/w I don't have anything for the Pi so any suggestions welcome.

    I'm guessing your HDDs are attached va a powered hub - mine is powered but plugged straight into a USB 3 port.

  • Are you guys comparing like with like. How are the drives formatted in both cases. How are they shown as mounted. Maybe compare logs to get a better insight to the problem.