LibreELEC Generic Legacy v11.0.1 x86 - No audio

  • I'm did a fresh install of Generic Legacy v11.0.1 and have encountered no audio via hdmi. No issues on an older v10.0.4 on the same x86 box with Nvidia based ion hardware. This is a first where LibreELEC has not picked up the audio properly.

    The audio output device is selected as ALSA: HDA Nvidia, HDMI as always in the 'Settings/System/Audio' configuration yet there is no audio at all. Sound is turned up and not muted either.

    This is running on an Acer Aspire Revo R3610 that has been flawless until now.

    Any suggestions?

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  • LE11 is also not working on my Zotac NS21 Box with Nvidia ION. I get video but no sound.

    Here's a clip of my Xorg.log with a driver warning if that helps.

  • Some additional Xorg.log which suggests no drivers for any of the audio devices?

  • Some additional Xorg.log which suggests no drivers for any of the audio devices?

    I've had those type of logs in previous versions of LibreELEC and it never affected the output of audio on my device. LibreELEC 11 seems to not work with audio out via hdmi on my machine. I tried the nightlies and they too have the same issue.

    SPDIF and headphone jack out work fine just not audio via hdmi and that's what I need for my setup :/

  • Please check and take screenshots of the LE11 Kodi Player settings 'Settings | Player | Video |'.

    The cause may be in the Processing settings.

  • I had a similar problem with vortexbox and alsa audio output several years ago. Caused by the the alsamixer default the output to 00.

    Solution then was to go to 'alsamixer' and increase the level manually from the CLI GUI.

    Alsamixer isnt installed, from what I can see as I'm sure things have changed. Looks like pulseaudio is now used.

    I don't really know what I'm talking about, but thought it might help someone to look in the right direction.

  • There is an addon for alsamixer you can install unfortunately this doesn't solve the issue in my case. Thanks for the helpful troubleshooting tips, that's a weird issue I've seen creep up before.