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    I had a similar problem with vortexbox and alsa audio output several years ago. Caused by the the alsamixer default the output to 00.

    Solution then was to go to 'alsamixer' and increase the level manually from the CLI GUI.

    Alsamixer isnt installed, from what I can see as I'm sure things have changed. Looks like pulseaudio is now used.

    I don't really know what I'm talking about, but thought it might help someone to look in the right direction.

    Another Saturday night wanting to watch a movie and no SMB connection to my UnRaid tower. I later found out I can access the movies in file manager but not through the main interface. Won't update library, won't play an existing movie.

    I'm downgrading my LibrElec as I type and refreshing my library. Thank goodness for a really good library file tagging / naming system!

    I don't know, but this entering ip address to my NAS just seems trash, at best. I'm not upgrading this player until I absolutely HAVE TO.

    Why does it have to get so complicated

    Personally, I'd say UnRaid or any RAID is way overkill for an infrequently used media server, let alone the energy use and wear and tear on the drives.

    I use Openmediavault. I also organise the content manually and have seperate drive shares. Pain in the butt, but i'm in far more control when a drive fails or the OS updates crap something out, or hardware fails. In addition when a drive fails I don't lose access to my data, and the whole data isn't at risk if(when) the rebuild fails.

    Backup offline line with 1:1 or 1:2 or use the unraid as the backup solution.

    For me Windows SMB network sharing, used on a Linux OS has always been flaky at best and through the Kodi network browser, the names have never stayed there permanently.

    Simple solution, which I've used for years.

    Add the network shares to Kodi by adding them as network locations then as a video source. - Use the IP address of your server and SMB port 445

    as the server name. e.g. SERVER NAME

    Kodi only scans recursively down the folder tree by 1 folder, so add as many network locations and video sources as necessary. Otherwise Kodi won't see your content.