How to find my Pi 4 with LibreELEC in my LAN?

  • Dear LibreELEC Team

    First I want to thank you guys for creating and updating LibreELEC!

    I use a Pi 4 with LibreELEC to watch content through Kodi. The files come from my HDD, which is connected directly via USB to the Pi 4. It works well and without any issues.

    Now I wanted to ask if it is possible for the Pi 4 to show up on my Windows network explorer, because I would like to transfer some files from my Windows (Win 10) PC to the HDD via LAN. The Pi 4 is connected to my LAN via Ethernet cable and I know the IP of the Pi 4 on my network, but it currently does not show up on my Windows network explorer.

    Any help is much appreciated and please keep in mind that I have no background with any of this (as you can probably tell by my description above).