IPSec VPN support

  • Greetings,

    I would like to see future versions of LibreELEC with IPSec (Xauth PSK) support. In this thread, you said that you don't support it because IPSec is almost never used outside of corporate VPN environments. But this is not true, as FRITZ!Box gateways offer users a way of connecting to their LAN from outside via an IPSec VPN. I would be glad if you reconsider your decision.



  • As Dr. Spock once said.. "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few" and we (still) have no interest in adding IPSec client support for a tiny hanful of people to use. NB: If you have need for VPN to play media remotely WireGuard is a much better option than IPSec and you have either a NAS or general server device at home that can support WireGuard (or a container that supports it) with the router doing basic port-mapping to allow access.

  • I know that I can set up a WireGuard server, it would just have been quicker and easier to use IPSec, since I already have the VPN of my Fritz!Box. But I get that you prefer not to add a feature if only a few people asked for it. Although I would say that there are now more people that could make use of it compared to the past, since some ISPs started to give Fritz!Boxes to their customers.