Where is update folder on Windows

  • I' using Libre on a Raspi2. There is an update folder and update is fine. But there are some problems, so I wanted to check this on my office pc with installed Libre. But I can't find an update folder. I created on in the following folders without an success:

    - in Kodi installtion folder
    - in ..\AppData\Roaming\Kodi

    Can anyone help we, where to create update folder for installing current test build?

  • - in Kodi installtion folder
    - in ..\AppData\Roaming\Kodi

    LibreELEC is a complete Linux based OS. Those are Windows paths, so you're probably running plain Kodi on Windows, as such LE has nothing to do with this.

  • On your Windows machine you are not using LibreELEC. You are simply using Kodi. So to update you just install the new version. Go to Kodi forum for more details and support about Kodi on other platforms.

  • If your current LibreELEC doesn't have a .update folder yet, you need to create that folder via an SSH session logged into your LibreELEC box.

    1. mkdir /storage/.update

    Reboot your LibreELEC box, and the shared update folder should be now visible in your Windows box.