Dual Audio output support for LibreELEC (updated to 11.0.1)

  • Hi, I developed Dual Audio output support for Kodi (see the post in Kodi forum) and I think LibreELEC is a more practical build for most of the media player hardware. I start a post here mainly for getting support for building more ready-to-use releases for different hardware devices running LibreELEC.

    Now I've built Generic/RPi version for testing purpose. I have an Intel NUC so that I can run this for test. I saw some demands that request this feature on other devices, because of limited time and devices, I might not be able to do it . You might need to build from the source code by your own which may be not easy for those non-geeky people. So, if anyone who are interested in compile more platform/device builds, please share those builds to me. I can gather them and put to download list.

    GitHub Repositories: https://github.com/xhbl/LibreELEC_dualaudio]

    Branches with name suffix '-DA' are the Dual Audio branches, e.g., libreelec-11.0-DA. Simply clone the repository and pull the proper branch to compile your own build.

    Building instruction is exactly the same as the official version.

    I put my latest build (Generic, RPi4, RPi2) below, will update more platform/device builds with your support. 😊



    11.0.1-DualAudio: Generic | Generic-legacy | RPi4 | RPi2 | More...

    For sharing builds, you are welcome to reply this post or send email to me.

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  • Hey! thank you very much for the build, I have been looking for it for a long time. everything works on rpi3.

  • I have to report an issue. I do not have such problem with regular version of LE 11. When I connect by BT headphones the, connection takes long time and only one headphone works.