Rpi4 got pn 9.2.8 can I easily get back to 10x

  • Would hate to go through my entire setup process again, not like I can access the partition I need to add an update file or something on windows.

    But can i in any way force the 9.2.8 boot just to update back to the 10x branch ?!?


  • Nope. You have to install LE 10.x from scratch.

    Think I'll put it in a Linux box, that should let me get to upgrade. Or will It not even boot that far even if I can get to the folder to add a file ?

    Worst case, I might be able to at least pull one of my backups zips w data recovery.

  • It's generally impossible to upgrade / downgrade between LE 9.x <-> LE 10.x. It's no problem among LE 10.x <-> LE 11.x, however.

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  • The backs are / we're 10x but unrecoverable based on the one method.

    I rebuilt.

    But one weird thing I didn't have before w the xbmc usb remote.







    Buttons no longer work, even tried a diff remote. But they work fine on yhatse from my phone.

    But ya. I guess the names would be info and context menu buttons on the black isb xbmc remote. Thoughts?

    Don't know or can think of anything I did diff this go round to stop literally two damn buttons from working that worked before my dumbass did a downgrade for 9.2.8 while curious about something specific.