Stupid question - ref on screen menu for movie playback

  • this may be a stupid question - but maybe some kind person here can set me straight

    i have recently installed a kodi 19 build onto my little x96 air box that running the latest stable libreelec - and the same build on the pc based media centre in the lounge running latest LE generic - i am happy with the build in all other respects - but i cannot for the life of me work out how to get the video menu up when in video playback/video paused

    the menu i'm looking for is the one that allows you to adjust the zoom amount, volume amplification, etc while in a video playback mode

    in all the other builds and skins it defaults to that menu when you pause playback i think

    i have looked in skin settings and player settings in system - but cants seem to find where to turn that feature on

    what am i missing ??

  • @ Jo - thanks - i looked there and didnt see a button that brings up teh OSD i need

    @ chewitt - thanks again - but when i press pause i get the video progress bar - but not the menu of symbols underneath that i am used to seeing - ie no cog icon

    i want to get this menu

    but i just get a progress bar like this

    hope that's clearer

    perhaps the feature has been turned off in the build i am using - but if so where would i look to switch it back on ?

  • Garzie, when I press the Enter key on my keyboard or the OK key on my remote I get a menu similar to your first *.png.

    DigiBit R1, NUC8i3BEH

  • i know you guys are not responsible for skin configurations and features - but can anyone point me in the direction i might go to restore the kind of menu i am used to ?

    much appreciated as always

  • I'd asking the skin support thread in the Kodi forum. That normally reaches the author or current maintainer. I stopped using other skins ages ago as Estuary is nice/simple/reliable.