Pretty sure this is a BUG! Blank context menus!

  • I recently started working to change out my remotes and working to get consistent behavior between a couple of systems one on Windows and one on Libreelec both with the same HP MCE Remote . I switched to the MCE only remote and away from the Libreelec multi remote as seen here Infra-Red Remotes - I Did this to minimize the possibility of remote interference that I have seen a little of lately on other devices.

    Using the Remote Keymap editor addon, I set the Info button up for "global context menu". This was one of several changes I made using that addon. The gen.xml is :

    <keymap><global><keyboard><key id="power">activatewindow(shutdownmenu)</key><key id="247">showvideomenu</key><key id="37">fullscreen</key><key id="49">activatewindow(videos,tvshows )</key><key id="power">activatewindow(shutdownmenu)</key><key id="195">activatewindow(contextmenu)</key></keyboard></global><fullscreenlivetv><keyboard><key id="192">fullscreen</key><key id="247">showvideomenu</key></keyboard></fullscreenlivetv><fullscreenvideo><keyboard><key id="192">fullscreen</key><key id="247">showvideomenu</key></keyboard></fullscreenvideo></keymap>

    So here is what happens after using this keymap on MCE remote.

    I go to look at a context menu using remote and I see the first image, where you see an oversized context menu. Image one.

    At first I thought I did something wrong but read on.

    Interesting that I can load any context menu from the keyboard with the "c" key and it is normal. Image two

    Once I have loaded the context menu using the keyboard the context menu window then appears the correct size as seen in image three.

    I know my xml file may not be perfect it was under construction but now I do not have a solution. Odd how with my old xbox 360 remote and my custom remote config I never got this though on the same software install, same system.

  • mglkae, Yes that works . Apparently the bug is in the Keymap editor, That is where the button action was generated.