I can't install libreelec on tv box r69 allwinner h3

  • I am not being able to install libreelec on a tv box model r69 with allwinner h3 processor, I attach images of the board and data

  • Disclaimer: We don't support random TV boxes based on Allwinner chips. That being said, it might work with existing image. So which image did you use? And by "installing" you really mean installing with install2emmc script or do you mean booting from SD card? You also didn't provide enough detailed photos - most interesting things are markings on various chips but we can't read them.

  • by install I mean boot from the SD card. If there is another way to mount as an operating system I would be interested to know, I tried all the images available in downloads for h3

  • No. Most likely DRAM driver driver doesn't work. If you have serial to usb cable, you can try to find correct connector on board and connect it. That way you can see how far boot comes. If it's really DRAM driver, chances are basically non-existing to do anything. Unless, of course, if you know software reverse engineering techniques, but in such case you probably wouldn't ask these questions.

  • I understand, I would need a libreelec image that is as generic as possible to try to boot with the SD

  • There is not such thing as generic boot image. While file system and kernel are same for all H3 based boards, bootloader (U-Boot) is customized for each board separately and this fails in your case.