LibreELEC Odroid C2 SDCard vs EMMC

  • hi all

    Apart from boot times is there any advantage to running LibreELEC from an EMMC module rather than a SD-Card on a Odroid C2?


  • In the time that I have used a Wetek Hub, I had 2 sd cards transcend into the light and possibly three... Either every manufacturer makes crappy sd cards these days, or the Wetek Hub is very hungry.

  • Most SD cards on the market are low grade TLC flash which is slow (to write), has limited write cycles and is more prone to corruption & bit-flips. Only good for temporarily storing photos - garbage for OS drive.

    The EMMC module is probably MLC, at least it was in 2013:
    ODROID Forum • View topic - Longevity eMMC vs SD?
    But you should confirm before buying because over time everyone is switching to TLC for cost/availability.

    You can buy small # of MLC SD cards - Samsung Pro, Transcend Ultimate, Lexar 633 etc. I use 8GB Transcend Ultimate in my Pi's which are about £5. Much better for OS drive than crappy TLC SD card.

  • I alwyas put the .kodi share on a SMB share, that makes it more snapy and prevents most sd wear.