TVHeadend recordings missing or not accessible

  • About a month ago a load of my recordings from tvheadend disappeared (not all), and a lot of new recordings would be impossible to open and would be automatically deleted. When I access the save location using ssh or samba it is empty, although I have found that there are folders there is I ssh directly to a sub folder and can then see the mkv there.

    I assume this is a permissions issue, and I have seen the following error in the logs

    dvr: Unable to change directory permissions to "775" for "[save location]" (keeping "755")

    I'm hoping this is an easy change, but in the past when I've tried to change permissions on this external HDD nothing seems to change, leaving just root with access.

    Is there something straight forward I can try to allow libreelec to see folders TVH sometimes does, sometimes doesn't create. I've found it is usually one off timers that seem to fail...

    I've tried upgrading to TVH 4.3 but have the same issue.