Krypton 7.90.008 loosing network

  • Hi guys,

    Installed LE Krypton 7.90.008 on a Intel NUC DN2820FYKH everything works fine except after i play a an episode of a TV serie of like 45 mins when i hit STOP to change the episode I got no more network.
    I'm connected by wire
    When I go to network configuration it says it's still connected I got an IP etc but it seems I got no more network.
    I can deactivate the network try to reset network configuration nothing helps, I must reboot the system to make it work again.
    Then I play another episode and the network get cut out again at the end of the episode.

    If anyone got an idea ?

    Thx :)

  • Vhanadium unfortunately that's not a *debug* log, nor is a log (debug or otherwise) likely to be useful before the problem has occurred - you need to capture the log after whatever is happening has happened (which would be tricky if your client really has lost network connectivity).

    How are you determining that the network connection is being lost? Can you ping the LibreELEC client? Are you able to connect to it using ssh?

    Are you streaming your TV shows from a NAS or some other server on your network, could that storage device be going to sleep?

  • I got an Asustor NAS that contain the files.
    At the end of the episode I hit stop to return to TV series list and then here there's no more fan art nor poster.
    When I try to launch another episode I see the loading animation but nothing happens I can't go back or do anything I must reboot.

    Didn't try to ping the NUC cause after the reboot everything work flawlessly except at the end of the next episode no more network...

  • Code
    17:57:45 T:140061779753024 NOTICE: Disabled debug logging due to GUI setting. Level 0.

    Try to completely read the wiki page and enable debug logging. It's not that hard.

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  • I got an Asustor NAS that contain the files.

    This isn't telling me anything. What OS is your server using, Windows or Linux?

    So here is another log GTOP
    Strange thing is i can ping it connect to it with putty but i can't connect back to my box in SMB.
    And after a while the network comes back.

    So there's nothing wrong with your network or the network interface on the LE client, but it sounds like your server is going to sleep and/or failing to respond after a period of inactivity.

    No idea if you've configured your server to sleep/suspend after xx minutes idle, if so you may need to look at configuring Wake On LAN in Kodi Settings > System > Power Saving.

    However if your server is running Windows, altering certain registry settings has been known to help smb (can't find them right now, could look if you confirm your NAS is using Windows).

  • Ok so I activated the debugg mode launched an episode and that occurs again.
    Here is the log : afIP
    Asustor is a nas under Linux. I put the hibernation of the HDD to 1hour an episode is 40mins so the hibernation wouldn't happens, furthermore the episode is streamed from the new stp no hibernation due to the activity.
    Doesn't have those problems under openelec so I really don't understand