Adds on installation Failed

  • Hello everybody,

    I have a Raspberry Pi4, and i installed LibreElec v.10.0.0, but all the updates & adds on are unable to be installed (Installation Failed or Update Failed).

    Internet connections seems to be just fine via Ethernet.

    Please give me some help, as I am rookie in working with Raspberry...

    Thank u!!


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  • First, thank you for your immediate answer...

    I am referring to all the available adds on... I just installed it, so there are enough updates to be installed!!!

    Wait for network before starting Kodi option, is enabled....

    Have also to mention (if it affects the whole procedure), that the time that appears on my Kodi screen is totally wrong (even after I entered on the field of Timeserver #1:, and Timeserver #2):

  • - no Pi4 here -

    on my generic box are two options to fill timeservers

    in LE config tool:

    - Network => NTP Servers

    - Connections => click on your device => Edit => NTP Servers (was auto filled, maybe cause my router is configured as a time server)

    while in that LE config tool:

    - I'm currently don't know if the "addon update setting" are independent from "LE update setting" (Question is two independent "update setting" or both dependent ?) -

    recheck if LE updates points to LE 10 see "Update Channel" !

    unknown to me is if this is unset or misconfigured are addon's, the correct ones belonging the LE-Version, installable ?

    but it won't hurt to set the correct Update Channel.

    your time is wrong ?

    see "LE System configuration" => Interface => "Regional"

    are the settings there correct ???

    DigiBit R1, NUC8i3BEH

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    The problem is the clock is not being (re)set via NTP at startup, so the system clock falls back to a default value (glibc version release date) which is before the validity start-time of the TLS certificates used on the add-on repo servers (the S in HTTPS). As a result your system sees the webserver certs as invalid and the connection fails.

    The connection manager in LE defaults to servers, so either access to these is being blocked (some ISPs do this) or there is something odd in your network (perhaps DHCP from the router sets the NTP server with a null value). Either way.. this is the problem you need to solve. As long as the ISP is not blocking port 123 (NTP) you should be able to find/set other NTP servers in the LE settings addon; then reboot to effect the change. If the ISP is blocking the port, they probably provide their own NTP server, or you will need to have a local in-network time source (NAS box, Active Directory server, etc.) or invest in an RTC chip/hat for the RPi4 so that you can manually set the clock and persist the time value over reboots.

    NB: Kodi regional settings are irrelevant to this problem. It's the system clock value that matters.

  • I have the same issue. LE 10.0.1 new installed on a RPI4 in an ArgonOne M.2. LE is running on the SATA M.2 in the expansion box. I cannot install any Add On. Wait for network is set, also the ntp server is reachable.

    Logfile is here:

    Any further ideas on this?
    Thanks akpp

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