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  • hi,

    Some skins are having a trailer feature on home screen. When I set the Prime decoder on EGL this works great but 4k play with HDR does not work. When I set the Prime decoder to Direct to Play, the 4k with HDR works however the trailer on home screen starts flashing and quiet annoying. I have tried several skins and all behave the same and seems to be the render method on Pi4. Is ther anything I can do to have 4k with HDr but at the same time play the trailer on home screen as background play?

    LE 10.0.0.

    Many thanks!

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    Please provide a full debug log.

    How to post a log (wiki)

    1. Enable debugging in Settings>System Settings>Logging
    2. Restart Kodi
    3. Replicate the problem.

    Full logs only. No modified logs.

    Do not post your logs directly into the forum,
    use Settings > LE Settings Addon > System > Paste system logs
    and post the link.
  • hi,

    Please see link to Log. It is happening when starting trailer for TV Show Somos when decoder is set to Direct to Play instead of EGL. Once playing the trailer in full screen mode and not in 'background' the file is playing fine and not 'flashing'.

    Edit: see example of video flashing in home screen for trailer feature. This happens only if Direct to Play is srt in Player settings. If EGL, all plays fine but 4k HDR will have lag and I have to switch between them constantly.

    Video flashing attachment

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  • Code
    repository.openwizard v2.0 installed

    That repository is on the Kodi Blacklist. No support is offered until a clean log is provided. Google "kodi blacklist"

  • why is this blacklisted? No illegal addons or something like that can be installed. I was not aware of this, so thanks for highliting to me.

    Please see new log, hopeful some ince can support me on this issue.

    New Log

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