My Dualbootsystem with Android TV x86

  • Servus , Moin or Hello :)

    There is a showroom but i dont know whether the topic belongs in the offtopic or in the showroom!

    I used LibreElec and i love LibreElec really and i used the lasted Nightly on my Device but i used as dualboot my Android TV Pie x86 too and I wanted to show you guys.

    Maybe it is of interest to one or the other because you keep hearing why there are no Android apps running on LibreElec!

    I am very satisfied with the Android TV x86;)

    You are also welcome to take a look at it:

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    (maybe i create in future a better video with sound and the short BlackScreen in Prime Video is the DRM :rolleyes: )

    Apps that work on my Device:

    - Prime Video (no tablet version - the version from the playstore in version 5.5.12-armv7a)

    - Netflix (a older version actually)

    - (georgian TV)

    - OpenVPN for Android with autostart after the boot

    - Joyn (german tv)

    - TuneIN

    - waipu TV

    - all standard Apps

    Google Assitent works really fine!

    HP ProDesk 600 G1 Desktop Mini PC - LE10 Nightly dualboot with Android TV x86 Pie

    Shuttle XS35GS V3 - Intel Atom D2550 - 4GB Ram - AMD Radeon HD7410M GPU - LE10 Nightly

    T95Mini 2GB + 16GB eMMC

  • Hello,

    This looks really cool, great work. I have libreelec installed on my lenovo m93p pcs in my house, we use it as a tv box. One major issue is that we don't like the youtube kodi add on compared to youtube tv addon, well in fact smart tube apk. So would it be possible to sideload this android os that you have alongisde libreelec so we can run youtube/smarttube apk and a few other apks? If you can give any info it would be a great help. Thanks!