Scraper not downloading posters or thumbnails

  • A day or so ago I noticed when I scrape a movie, its not downloading the poster or thumbnail. Instead its using fan art as the poster. I'm having to add all the art manually. This is happening with TMDB scraper and the Universal Movie scraper. Is anyone else experiencing this issue? I have tried updating both scrapers, issue remains.

    EDIT: Im still using the latest version of Leia, if that helps.

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    I had one of those too with a new tv series using Matrix. Someone on the Kodi forum mentioned it's a problem for TMDB to fix, so we may need to wait a couple of days for a solution.

  • I had the same issue yesterday with a couple of movies I added not downloading art (LE10B5).

    I changed the information provider (via 'set content' menu from 'The Movie Database' to 'The Movie Database Python' then re-scanned and it downloaded all the art.