Bug on 9.95.1-4 versions RPi4! Sound interrupts on audio files!

  • Never had such problem on previous versions - 9.2.6-7. And before. When playing simple 16-44.1 flac files on RPi4 sound interrupts periodically, not very often. Playing from external drive. On 9.2.6-7 everything's fine as it was always before. Need a fix.

  • Need a fix.

    We also could need a bit less drama in your thread title.
    And we could use the debug-enabled kodi log of your setup with the sound interruptions.

  • ix.io/3ptr

    This time sound was interrupted when i started 03 - Monday.flac

    2021-06-10 18:25:24.493 T:1258    DEBUG <general>: CPlayerCoreFactory::GetPlayers(/var/media/sda1-ata-ADATA_SU650_2H50/Music/Papir/Papir - Stundum [8047613] (2011)/03 - Monday.flac)