Font seems out of focus

  • Hi..

    Was just diagnosing a problem with font.

    Mine seems out of focus.

    Ok this is an old TV so it's maybe that.

    On the other hand I didn't notice since flashing the firmware and subsequently updating libreelec .

    Is there a difference between hdmi 1 and 2. I vaguely recall there being a difference between the two.

    Other than that .

    I'm running.

    Libreelec for rpi4 9.95.3

    Resolution is set to 1280x720p

    Refresh rate 50

    GUI resolution unlimited/1080(30hz)

    I even cleaned with isopropanol alcohol 99% and cotton swabs the connections between the RPI /HDMI CABLES and sockets.

    Not sure why but it does fluctuate . Sometimes I get big thick shadows around the font. Other times it seems far less.

    Second question (probably unrelated to the first)

    I installed libreelec via


    In the Android play store

    Following this I updated to the latest version from system/updates .

    No idea if this is pertinent to the above, but does this install raspbian or just libreelec on its own.

    Additionally. Does anyone here know if there are any differences between a libreelec standalone and libreelec through raspbian?

    I'm pretty sure raspbian allocates memory, which may be related to lower memory for libreelec and therefore could be causing the font issues?

    I'm pretty sure it it does allocate video/GUI memory differently

  • I think my disk imager is installing noobz.

    Are there any downsides to noobs?

    How can I install libreelec on it's own using only an android device?

    Thank you