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    I've been able to get nowhere trying to get 4k sources to work

    I purchased a new 4k 60fps cable.

    I've plugged it in closest to the power intake.

    When I try to run a 4k source the tv goes black.

    Which according to Google results means the cable doesn't support 4k 60. That can't be right. I know it does.

    Anyone can hell help please. I'm lost.

    what's this? For having the USB connectors on an extension cable of sorts?

    Rather on the bottom half of the case, I combined the small 'A' plug to 'A' plug USB adapter (which comes with the Argon One case kit) with an 'A' plug to 'A' socket extension cable to bring out the USB connection

    This next part seems dubious.

    It didn't work then 'magically'


    This makes me second guess considering an SSD drive with kodi.

    No offence just the tutorial makes the process seem not easy and not reliable.

    Nothing wrong with using an Ice Tower cooler. As you say, it helps a lot when you choose to overclock. I agree that the Ice Tower would be an excellent choice for the overclocking aficionado.

    The biggest I/O bottleneck for the Pi 4 is the SD card. Overclocking the CPU simply masks the issue. A normal CPU clock speed means lower CPU temperatures compared to an overclocked CPU. And with the Argon One case, CPU overclocking is still available as an option. I simply choose to not use it.

    Generally speaking, using an SD card to boot from means that the LibreELEC will run from the SD card. Since the SD card is the I/O bottleneck, by extension, the overall Pi 4 I/O is bottlenecked regardless whether the CPU is overclocked or not. Granted, there is an older method where one could boot from SD card and switch over to an external USB device. However, one still has a sprawl to deal with. The Argon One case packages all the essential items into the one case making a neat presentation, especially in front of one's TV as a media center.

    With the latest firmware update to the Pi 4, the advantage allowed by the Argon One case is to boot LibreELEC from a SSD without needing a SD card. As far as I have been able to determine, everything runs faster from the SSD. I can't say for certain, however I'll bet that 4K and upscaling will work faster as well.

    I'm coming back to this because my fan is finally wearing down on my ice tower.

    It's producing a high pitched whine.

    If I get this argon case. Which ssd drive do I need to get. Presumably the capacity or even brand has to be compatible.


    I notice some are modifying their argon case.

    Is this necessary/difficult?


    Was just diagnosing a problem with font.

    Mine seems out of focus.

    Ok this is an old TV so it's maybe that.

    On the other hand I didn't notice since flashing the firmware and subsequently updating libreelec .

    Is there a difference between hdmi 1 and 2. I vaguely recall there being a difference between the two.

    Other than that .

    I'm running.

    Libreelec for rpi4 9.95.3

    Resolution is set to 1280x720p

    Refresh rate 50

    GUI resolution unlimited/1080(30hz)

    I even cleaned with isopropanol alcohol 99% and cotton swabs the connections between the RPI /HDMI CABLES and sockets.

    Not sure why but it does fluctuate . Sometimes I get big thick shadows around the font. Other times it seems far less.

    Second question (probably unrelated to the first)

    I installed libreelec via


    In the Android play store

    Following this I updated to the latest version from system/updates .

    No idea if this is pertinent to the above, but does this install raspbian or just libreelec on its own.

    Additionally. Does anyone here know if there are any differences between a libreelec standalone and libreelec through raspbian?

    I'm pretty sure raspbian allocates memory, which may be related to lower memory for libreelec and therefore could be causing the font issues?

    I'm pretty sure it it does allocate video/GUI memory differently

    what's the cooling and therefore over clocking potential of the argon case.

    I ask this because the ice tower can bring the temperature to 25 degrees idle.

    Which is pretty fantastic as it's barely a few degrees above ambient.

    The cooling potential is huge. I have had pc levels of speed.

    Do you really think the argons faster drive (ssd supposedly being ten times faster) is a good trad.

    e-off to the CPU speed being over lockable to 2.1 GHz?

    I'm sceptical that a faster drive is better than a faster CPU.

    Especially in cpu intensive tasks like certain video formats like 4K and upscaling which the majority of the burden is on the CPU NOT the drive.

    Of course aesthetics are another thing entirely and I'll concede the ice tower isn't the most smart or compact case.

    But can we really say the argon case is "the best"

    Everyone thinks they can Google the best TV/bike/mobile these days but always it's a matter of personal choice.

    If you're going to be writing a lot of data to the pi yeah you'll need a faster drive. (Although can we not connect an SSD drive to a ice tower fitted pi?

    But pretty much any other task will benefit from a faster CPU which the tower delivers and the cooler temperatures will make it more stable too.

    There is no such thing as "LibreELEC for Windows".

    Either you boot LibreELEC from a USB device (stick/sd), or you do a portable install of Kodi onto the SD card and create a shortcut to it.

    Ah sorry. I assumed you knew there was some software for Windows that writes a libreelec image onto an SD card.

    It's even official software made by libreelec.

    However I think you're trying to be clever.

    But at no point did I say libreelec for Windows.

    I think you know that..

    "ok cool but the libreelec software is for pc windows"


    Hense *libreelec software for Windows*

    Google it

    I don't have access to a pc

    Is it possible to format and install the new version of libreelec onto an SD or porn drive using an Android device?

    As you know the new version of libreelec is a pretty significant upgrade. With the new python included.

    I've heard that upgrading isn't a good idea. I need a clean install .

    So not sure what to do. Because I could upgrade easily enough but I don't know how I'll clean install the nearest libreelec.

    I guess also seren has started being buggy probably due to the newest update. Especially concerning trait synchronisation.

    *Sigh* why do we have to be coerced into tedious upgrades. I just want to watch TV videos 🙄🙄😑