Warnings in make image

  • Yes, LE's build system is the hardest to figure out. Especially for newcomers almost impossible. We have to accept it as a black box - because it just works. The only way to learn more about it is to look at how each package is configured (package.mk).

    grep -R and find are the tools that help the fastest.

    The log files are all there.

    There is a subdirectory build.* with the name of your target platform. There you will find all intermediate files.

    The logs are located in a subdirectory .threads/logs - so they are invisible during a normal search.

    Good luck!

  • What do you mean "a lot of warnings with missing packages or dependencies appear on the screen." ??

    I mean that during construction on the screen a lot of text comes out of the actions that are being executed, and during all those hours of construction (I only looked at it from time to time :)) you could see warnings on the screen (I think I remember that in red color) that put X package or dependency missing.

    Thank you so much. I revised already this folder, without success :( Mi folder only contains this:

    And in the files of here, nothing util appear for this question.

    Assuming you are creating a Generic image, these nvidia depmod warnings must be ignored.

    It was for Raspberry Pi 2, but I think they will also have to be ignored since a priori everything works fine.

    What annoys me is that I cannot find / there is a log of the execution to at least check what was output during the execution.

  • Logs are found here (or similar)


    Not in my case :( In the ".threads" folder doesn't appear the "logs" folder. I attached a capture.