LibreELEC RPi4 9.95.2 does not reproduce .ASS subtitles

  • Subtitles in .ass format are not reproduced either in a separate file or embedded in a video container. The subtitles are detected but they are not displayed on the screen.

    Using a fresh installation of this image LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-9.95.2.img.gz

    Reproducing the videos in 3840x2160x24Hz (not sure if it matters)

  • That sounds more like a generic Kodi problem, not a LibreELEC only problem.

    Can you share the .ASS file(s) ?

  • Sure, I attach the file. With the 9.26 version I didn't have the issue. I am playing mostly 1080p H264 content and with SRT it works fine. Thanks



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