Clone microSD to USB 3.0 SSD

  • Greetings I have updated the rpi4 for USB boot and it works well, now I want my libreelec of my microSD that I have already configured to pass it to my USB SSD and that it boots from this do you know what steps or what files I have to modify for this? I think it is not only to clone with win32 Disk imager and burn this copy in the ssd since it does not start it gives errror 00000044

  • Do a data backup of LE running off the SD card, install LE fresh onto the SSD disk, and restore the data backup to the SSD drive.

    I already tried in the libreelec system and kodi backup option, then I load this copy in the new libreelec of the ssd, it makes several attempts to load but after a while it enters safe mode

    I don't know if I have to add an option in cmdline.txt

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  • I already managed to get the 32gb sd image to work on my 100 GB ssd, now the problem is that the ssd only has 32 GB do you know how I can recover the missing space?