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    I have Rpi 4 with libreelec and DVBSKY s960 and it also happens to me with an FTA mux

    in this mux there is only one channel if you scan it but only partially and it does not lower the channel

    only this mux gives me this probeam

    did you fix it?

    12077 V 4000 5/6 DVB S2 QPSK2

    that I do with the one you put in the first post and it does not even start to dtb.img


    and with the one in the device.trees folder if it starts but it's purple gxl_p231_2g_dvb.dtb to dtb.img


    Could you share me or pass a copy of your libreelec image?

    do not know what it's about, I got purple libreelec

    I was already working libreelec I do not know what command to touch and I got purple again

    gxl_p231_2g_dvb.dtb I copy the file and renobroad it to dtb.img, it starts but as a purple color

    I found this method with a tp and it worked for me

    but I would like to scan normal as WITH UNIVERSAL LNB


    Well i have been having similar issues on C band HD and SD channels on FTA

    as it seems TVheadend is not capable of scanning channels in the C band frequencies..

    i am using a TBS8920 card on it and in order to allow me to scan some channel tps not all of them i have to do the following maths..


    Channel name xxxyyyoooll

    C band HD frequency : 3790 V

    you have to calculate the following

    5150 C band frequency from the LNBF

    5150 - 3790 = 1360

    then add this value to the LNBF universal KU band frequency

    1360 + 9750 = 11110 frequency

    then just add new TP with this new frequency + normal c band symbol rate + polarization + PSK8 or different + pilot settings like you would do on normal C band frequency to scan the channel.

    This way i can tune most of the C band channels, aldo some i cannot might have to do with the LNBf C band type i am using.. cause i can get most on one Polarization only cannot get on both same time.

    usb dvbsky 960

    they know how to configure tvheadend to scan band C SAT it gives me an error

    linuxdvb: Technology M88DS3103 #1 : DVB-S #0 - failed to tune [e=Invalid argument]

    Only this universal option lnb. I do not see lnb band c


    in which tvheadend folder is the predefined Muxes file

    I have a tvheadend 4.2 that if you have them and another 4.3 that does not have them, I want to copy this file

    already install the correct DTB file

    can already install the screen driver the problem was that my keyboard was adding an invicibel letter

    but I realize that this libreelec brings the repo libreelec outdated the oscam that I download is r11391

    where can I download the newest libreelec repo