No vidéo Signal

  • Hello,

    I have a issue with my Rpi4. I have updated it to version LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-9.95.2 because I had issue on downloading subtitles.

    Since then, my kodi boot but I have no video when connected on my TV. But if I connect it to a PC monitor it's ok.

    What I tried:

    - I tried all the versions since LibreELEC-RPi4.arm-9.1.501.img to the latest nighly built.

    - I tried several options on the config file

    - I have ordered a new HDMI cable with no luck

    - I tried different power source

    My TV is old (10 years - Samsung LCD with CEC support) but work since then quite well. So for now, I have a rpi2 acting as a media center .

  • I confirm I have done a fresh install. I have two sdcard and I do a fresh install on each version I want to install.

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    I think it's an HDMI mode issue. LE 10 Beta 2 does not allow editing HDMI modes at config.txt anymore. Find the best resolution and refresh rate of your TV, and then put it into cmdline.txt. Something like video=HDMI-A-1:[email protected]. Read here for details: Click!

    If you get video signal after this, it would be helpful for us to get a link to a kodi.log. If you did config.txt changes on former LE versions to make your older TV work, please post those settings, too.

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    The logs don't say much.

    Try to boot the RPi4 just with the TV attached (no keyboard, no mouse, no dongles etc.).

    Can you confirm that you never needed custom settings at config.txt to make your TV work on former LE versions?

  • Boot to the TV don"t work. I dont user any devices sucha as keyboard or mouse, only power, hdmi and ethernet.

    And I confirm, I didn't had to change anything before in the config.txt to make it work.

    Right now, kodi boot on my monitor only with the laster night build and raspbian 10.

    I have tried many eeprom and vl805 version , right now I have the version 137ad of vl805 and eeprom 2020-04-16. I think there is maybe a solution here.

    And for you information, I have found a copy of my kodi.log before the upgrade and I was using version nightly-20201019-ec1292b 9.80 but it's no available to download anymore.

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    Thanks! The current log says a little more, but we are still missing the whole story, because you are at log level 0:

    2021-04-15 17:07:52.093 T:733      INFO <general>: Disabled debug logging due to GUI setting. Level 0.

    Please connect your RPi to your monitor, where it boots. Then activate debug logging at GUI. This will make a HUD appear on top of the screen. This will increase the log level, and we get more info to help you.

    Then switch off, connect to your TV and try to boot. If you have a chance to login by SSH, do so and run pastekodi to get the link to kodi.log. Otherwise read the kodi.log from microSD on your PC.

  • I have tried many eeprom and vl805 version , right now I have the version 137ad of vl805 and eeprom 2020-04-16. I think there is maybe a solution here.

    You are using a VERY old firmwares, upgrade to latest (for instance see these posts: RE: Boot from SSD instructions RE: Is it possible already to set up a rpi4 with kernel 5.4?).

    You may also try to play with EDID (perhaps run getedid create when the PC monitor is connected and then try to connect TV instead and reboot RPi). See here:

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  • Hi,

    Some updates.. I worked on the RPI4 all day because I was not able to send you the log you asked because nothing worked at all.

    Due to all my operations, at the end, the Rpi4 only worked on a monitor with raspbian OS, I couldn't make boot any version of Librelec with the firmware versions I used.

    So I have decided to full update the rpi4. I have installed firmware 2021-04-29-vl805-000138a1 and libreelec 9.95.2. But even with this version, I wasn't not able to have a display but kodi ping.

    I found that adding ssh to the boot kernel allow me to ssh into, that very helped I think.

    So I tried some commands like tvservice (-l -s -n) but commands always returned bad info (no devices, no connection...)

    Finally, I have try to edit the config.txt and use vc4-fkms-v3d instead of vc4-kms-v3d. I thought I have already tried this options but I left the include that ovveride the option with vc4-kms-v3d.

    So now, I have a display ok on my computer. I decided to plug the raspbery to my tv and try commands remotely.

    So commands like tvservice now worked when connected to my TV but still no signal on the TV HDMI.

    Here is right now the config.txt I'm using.

    I will turn off the RPI4 and my TV this night and will verify the next day. I read that in some cases, the problem will would disappeared the next day.


    And thank for helping me even if it's not working right now.

  • I have installed firmware 2021-04-29-vl805-000138a1

    This is just USB controller's firmware which is unlikely to help with a display issue. Upgrade the bootloader as well & try to follow my advice above.

    You may also try to connect RPi to another HDMI port on your TV as sometimes some HDMI ports are dedicated to specific use or does not support some resolutions.

    Also don't try to use obsolete hdmi_xxx settings in config.txt which are not valid for LE 10 anymore.

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  • I have updated both, usb firmware (138a1) and eeprom to version 2021-04-09.

    I have removed all the line that start with hdmi_ and still no hdmi signal hdmi on tv. TV and RPi4 were offline all the night and this morning still no signal.

    Maybe there is some issues on cec beacause cec-client report nothing


    echo 'scan' | cec-client -s -d 1

    autodetect FAILED

  • CEC is the secondary thing and currently not important.

    Did you try to create the EDID file as recommended above?

  • Hi, I have try EDID but still no hdmi signal.

    The command getedid create has modified my boot option and append those options.

    drm.edid_firmware=HDMI-A-1:edid/edid-HDMI-A-1.bin video=HDMI-A-1:D

    I think I'm going to go back to a stable version like 9.2.6. But last time I did it, rpi4 didn't boot.

    Maybe there is a compatibility between the firmware and the version I try to use. I search for the libreelec/firmware compatibility matrix but I did't find it.

  • Maybe there is a compatibility between the firmware and the version I try to use

    This won't be the case otherwise it wouldn't work with your PC monitor as well. And I am running two RPi 4B with latest firmwares & latest LE 10 Nightly builds without any video issue.

    It's hard to say what's wrong at your configuration but I would start again with defaults. Also I would decode the EDID files of your PC monitor & TV and compare them ( edid-decode /sys/devices/platform/gpu/drm/card0/card0-HDMI-A-1/edid ).