Recover deleted files

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    Libreelec instalado en k1 plus
    Is it possible to recover deleted files from Kodi in libreelec?

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  • There are no file/disk recovery tools in LE, but with most hardware we are booting from USB/SD/HDD storage so the device can be removed from the HTPC and connected to a Desktop distro (Ubuntu, Fedora, etc.) where you can run disk recovery tools. I would advise not using the target disk, to avoid overwriting disk areas you want to recover files from.

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    Thank you very much chewitt, I do not know anything about what you say about the HTPC and starting with Ubuntu and fedora but I will look for information and I will try, thanks again
    Translated with Google, I hope it is understood
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    Hello again chevitt, and I looked for what you say in the answer but I can not find anything that can help me or I am very Bad to find solutions. Do you know any website to inform me?
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