Add on to adjust the cache

  • Is there is is someone cleverer than me who knows how to increase the video cache buffer in Kodi/libreELEC? The week link in my system is trying to play BluRay ISO files I don't think my powerline Lan is up to the job. Is there an add on?

  • An increase to cache size can solve micro-glitches in playback where (in a wireless network) the network drops completely. It cannot ever solve the issue of "there is not enough bandwidth to play my large ISO file" because you have to fill the cache over the network first, then the cache drains faster than you can refil it, and then playback stops until the cache refills; and increasing the cache size means you wait longer for play to resume than with a small cache size. The only cure for inadequate bandwidth is increasing the bandwidth.

    The reason cache configuration add-ons don't exist and these controls are not in the Kodi GUI is simple. Cache fiddling causes more problems that it solves in 99% of user scenarios!